Daily Archives: October 20, 2008

It’s funny – only this morning I was saying to someone that one of the good things about doing a blog is that it “toughens you up”. I used to worry about personal abuse. But my blog generates so many abusive e-mails and responses that I now barely register it.

However, I must admit that even I have been slightly shaken by the various calls for resignation, lamentations about falling FT standards etc etc, provoked by my Oprah post. Read more

As the US presidential election nears, so the game of “pick the next administration” will grow in popularity. I have been indulging in a little speculation of my own, elsewhere.

In London, the local interest centres around the question of who will be the next US ambassador to Britain. If Obama wins, the guessing-game centres around Caroline Kennedy – a prominent Obama supporter, who spoke at the Democratic convention in Denver. This would be an interesting appointment, given that the last Kennedy to serve as US ambassador to Britain – Joe Kennedy – did not exactly cover himself in glory. He was forced to resign in 1940 after injudiciously suggesting that “democracy is finished in England”. Read more