Daily Archives: November 27, 2008

It’s been clear for some time that India has a serious and growing problem with terrorism. There were terror attacks in Delhi when I was there last September. At the time, the Indian reaction – both from the public and the government – seemed commendably calm. I wonder whether the calm will survive the latest horrors in Mumbai?

We still don’t know the full death toll – but it looks like it will run into the hundreds. The police are reported to be preparing to storm the Oberoi Hotel and there are hostages being held at the Taj Palace. (I stayed there in September, too.)

One always has to be careful with comparisons to 9/11. That was so spectacular, and so many people died. But this attack does have a ring of 9/11 – the terrorists have attacked some of the iconic buildings in the commercial capital of India. The fact that there were multiple attacks and that the gunmen in the Taj were reportedly trying to separate Americans and Brits, also makes it sound like an al-Qaeda style operation. Read more