Daily Archives: November 15, 2009

By Geoff Dyer, FT China bureau chief

If the White House believes President Barack Obama’s charisma can be a foreign policy asset, that theory is about to face its toughest test in China where he arrives on Sunday night, the latest stop in his inaugural Asia tour.

Perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, China has been immune to the popular love-in that surrounded the Obama election. For sure, young Chinese like the president – they think he is cool and they understand the symbolism of an African-American in the White House. But they have not been caught up in the hero-worship witnessed in, say, parts of Europe. Read more

By Edward Luce, FT Washington bureau chief, travelling with President Barack Obama in Singapore

Apec summits are normally remembered for the silly photo-ops of world leaders lined up in the local costumes supplied by the hosts. In Singapore’s case, this was a specially designed Peranakan-inspired blouse with a mandarin collar.

On Sunday, Mr Obama told his fellow leaders that he was “looking forward to seeing you all decked out in flowered shirts and grass skirts” in 2011 when he hosts an Apec summit in Honolulu.

But this year’s summit will also be recalled for a spying spat between Chile and Peru, which prompted Alan Garcia, Peru’s leader, to leave the summit early and fly home in a huff.

Mr Garcia’s very un-Asian tantrum followed the arrest on Saturday of a senior Peruvian air force officer on charges that he was a spy on Chile’s payroll. Read more