Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

By Daniel Dombey, US diplomatic correspondent

For most ordinary mortals, Hillary Clinton’s schedule in Brazil on Wednesday would be a day to recover from.

The US Secretary of State spent much of the day in Brasilia meeting the foreign minister and president. She then flew to São Paulo, where she endured an hour-long motorcade driving past residential neighbourhoods, warehouses and love hotels. The rain drummed down, brakes skidded, and intrepid Brazilian motorists tried to cut into the convoy. Read more

By Daniel Dombey, US diplomatic correspondent

There was a flash in Hillary Clinton’s eyes just now as she talked about the issue that is occupying ever more of her time as Secretary of State – Iran’s nuclear programme.

Last month the US-led campaign to increase pressure on Tehran took her to Qatar and Saudi.  Arabia, where King Abdullah welcomed her with a lavish lunch and watched a few minutes of a football match as he sat beside her wearing a frayed pair of Nike trainers. (Later on he switched his giant television to off-road truck racing.)

Iran has also been a constant concern for Clinton during her present swing through Latin America and the position of Brazil, which is currently sitting on the UN Security Council, is particularly important. Read more