Daily Archives: March 22, 2010

President Barack Obama has leapt out of his political sick-bed, ripped out his feeding tubes and is ready to dance a jig around the Oval office. The Congressional approval of healthcare reform has reinvigorated the Obama presidency in a way that has implications not just for Americans, but for the world.

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Hillary Clinton’s speech to Aipac (the American Israel lobby, essentially) went as well as can be expected – better, probably. There were some people who were worried that she might actually be booed or heckled, after the harsh things that Obama administration officials had to say about plans to build further Israeli housing in East Jerusalem (an insult, etc). In fact, Hillary got several standing ovations. And this was not at the price of watering down her message. Although she made several reassuring statements about the enduring nature of America’s committment to Israeli security, the secretary of state also reiterated American opposition to further settlements and said that America would push back “unequivocally” when it disagreed with Israeli policy. Read more