Daily Archives: April 13, 2010

An impressive array of world leaders has assembled in the US to discuss nuclear security and the threat of nuclear terrorism – but Bibi Netanyahu is not among them. In some ways this is odd, since the Israeli prime minister has made the threat of an Iranian bomb his signature tune for years. Surely, he would have relished the chance to use the Washington summit to make a high-profile speech. Instead, Bibi is cowering here in Jerusalem, apparently for fear that Israel might have been put on the spot about its own nuclear weapons.

Many of the Israelis I have spoken to regard this as further evidence of Netanyahu’s diplomatic ineptitude – following his high-profile rows with the Obama administration. More broadly, there is an uneasy feeling here that Israel is losing control of events in the never-ending “peace process”. Specifically, there is a fear that the US may soon present its own peace plan. Or that next year, the Palestinian Authority will make a unilateral declaration of an independent Palestinian state. Read more