Daily Archives: April 15, 2010

Was this the night when the Conservative Party saw the chance of an overall majority slip away, ensuring that Britain is heading for a hung parliament? My impressions of the first ever leaders’ debate seems to be the same as that of the great British public. Nick Clegg won.

Snap polls after the debate showed the Lib Dem leader as the clear victor. More significantly, the first poll of post-debate voting intentions that I’ve seen – just broadcast on Sky News – showed a big jump in those saying that they intend to vote for the Lib Dems. They went up from 19% in the polls to 26%, just behind Labour. Of course, there are still three weeks and two debates to go. But, if that trend holds, we’re definitely going to end up with a hung parliament – with the Lib Dems holding the balance of power. Read more

Until today, I was feeling pretty sympathetic towards plucky little Iceland, with its brave fight against the ruinous claims made against the country by the British and Dutch treasuries. But now it seems Iceland is having its revenge – and I have fallen victim to the cloud of volcanic dust emanating from the country. 

My flight back to London this morning was half-way home – just over Bulgaria – when the pilot announced that we were having to return to Israel because Heathrow is closed. Now I am cooling my heels in a hotel in Tel Aviv. My mood has not been improved by the news that flights to Britain look like they will be grounded for all of Friday, as well.

I cannot repress the dark suspicion that the Icelanders have planned this. Their own airport is apparently unaffected. But all air traffic over Britain and the Netherlands is suspended until further notice. Fiendish.  Read more