Daily Archives: May 4, 2010

When I was in Japan recently, critics of Yukio Hatoyama often said that the prime minister was in the habit of making nice-sounding promises that he later found it impossible to keep. Exhibit one was Hatoyama’s pledge to renegotiate the deal covering the US military bases in Okinawa and to move an important marine base off the island completely. Predictably, Hatoyama has now had to back down. But – what the hell – it helped win the election.

The whole episode got me thinking about the British election. If David Cameron becomes prime minister over the weekend, as seems increasingly likely, what pledges can we expect him to break first? Three candidates that spring to mind: Read more

Barack Obama wants a world without nuclear weapons. America will push the idea of “global zero” at the United Nations conference on nuclear non-proliferation that opened in New York on Monday. The vision was unveiled just over a year ago. In a speech in Prague, the US president painted a glorious picture of a world freed from the nuclear threat, while adding (in words that faintly echoed Martin Luther King) that it might not happen in his lifetime.

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