Daily Archives: May 7, 2010

I have just finished watching David Cameron’s statement on television. I was impressed by how coherent and fresh he seemed. Personally, I feel shattered – and all I did was stay up to watch the election on television. I’ve always thought that one mark of top politicians is freakish stamina; and Cameron, Clegg and Brown clearly all qualify on those grounds. I suppose, for Cameron, the prospect of becoming prime minister over the next 48 hours, must be a fairly major shot of adrenalin.

In their own ways, I think Clegg, Cameron and Brown all made dignified statements. I thought Clegg did well to disguise what must have been fairly crushing disappointment – although he now has the excitement of the coalition negotiations. Brown also did well not to sound too desperate to make a deal. But, one of the strange aspects of this election, is that – in a way – all three leaders have lost. Read more