Daily Archives: September 22, 2010

It takes a lot to make life in Luxembourg feel uncomfortable. And yet, on a brief visit to the Grand Duchy, I have found the Luxembourgeoisie distinctly unnerved by a row with their large neighbour to the West, otherwise known as France. It all kicked off with the dispute between President Sarkozy of France and Viviane Reding, the EU commissioner from Luxembourg, over the French treatment of Roma migrants. Sarko’s supporters were so affronted by being cheeked by a commissioner from tiny Luxembourg, that Philippe Marini, a Senator in Sarko’s ruling UMP party, told a French radio audience this week that the world might be better off without Luxembourg. Read more

I find it hard to believe that, at this late stage, the organisers of the Commonwealth Games really will pull the plug on the plan to hold the games in Delhi next month. It is fairly routine to read panicky reports ahead of a major sporting event that the facilities are not ready – think of the Athens Olympics.

Still, the news coming out of Delhi does sound unusually damning. There were already fears about security and about an outbreak of dengue fever. Now the inspection committee has condemned the rooms for athletes as filthy and insanitary and a footbridge near the stadium has collapsed. Read more