Daily Archives: November 19, 2010

I hadn’t fully taken on board the American right’s demonisation of George Soros, until I attended a Republican Party rally in Nevada last month. I asked one of the women organising it whether she was one of those people who believe that Obama was not born in America. “Oh no”, she said, “but I think he’s controlled by foreigners.” Like who, I asked. “George Soros”, was the reply.

Now a new level of Soros hatred has been reached with a long attack on the billionaire financier on Fox Television by Glenn Beck, who is probably now the most powerful right-wing pundit in the United States. Watch it here. It’s staggering. Read more

Audio Ireland, Berlusconi, food prices

In the podcast this week: We ask whether the resignation of four officials earlier this week marks the end of the Berlusconi era; we look at the results of the Food and Agriculture Organization food outlook report about rising prices and what this means for emerging markets and we ask what is the future for Ireland as it teeters on the edge of accepting a bailout loan from the EU and the IMF.