Daily Archives: November 24, 2010

Britain’s Conservative Party promised to restrict immigration during the last election campaign. But the policies they unveiled this week are pointless and self-defeating. At a time when Britain should be doing everything it can to help private business, the government is deliberately setting out to make things harder by imposing an arbitary cap on the number of skilled migrants who can come into the country to work.

The people the government are seeking to exclude are not poor foreigners who will compete with unskilled workers, or who will sit around on the dole. These are talented people with job offers, who will help British businesses to grow and who will pay taxes in Britain and spend their salaries here. And yet the government is intent on cutting their numbers. Read more

By Daniel Dombey, US Diplomatic Correspondent

You can understand why the latest flare-up of tension in the Korean peninsula has left Barack Obama none too happy.

Obama has had a pretty poor November so far, what with historic reverses in the midterm elections and a wretched G20 in Seoul where, rather than rallying the rest of the world against China’s currency policy, he found himself at the receiving end of several countries’ strictures about the Fed’s attempts to reflate the stumbling US economy. Read more