Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

In this week’s podcast: As southern Sudan votes in a referendum on independence we hear from our correspondent in the region, Katrina Manson, about the huge exodus of people from the North to the South in anticipation of the a country being created. Over 300,000 people died in Haiti in 2010 in a devastating earthquake. One year on, what has happened to the reconstruction effort? Andrew Jack reports from Port-au-Prince on a nation struggling to rebuild. And in the US, the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has shocked the nation, and prompted questions about incendiary political debate. Is it acceptable to “target” the opposition? Read more

I am in Abu Dhabi for a couple of days, mainly to chair an FT conference which took place this morning. It is an interesting time to be here, with the oil price within reach of $100 a barrel for the first time since 2008. Read more