Daily Archives: January 27, 2011

Overall economists seem more optimistic than ceos – probably a good sign, given the fact that boards, non-executive directors and chairmen and ceos are so cautious post-Lehman. Good the operators are keeping their powder a little dry. Read more

So, what are people worrying about about? Mainly how to get to their next meeting in time! A little ironic in a place that is meant to be about shared reflection and thought-leadership. Missing the big picture while scurrying after the immediate opportunity could even be a metaphor for “the state of the world” that it is WEF’s mission to improve. Read more

Medvedev was the star turn on Wednesday, though he shared the limelight with his iPad. Today it is Sarkozy, who dressed down subtly in a pair of grey slacks and a blue jacket. After 24 hours we are still in search of the New Reality – the Conference mission this year – but when we find it, it will certainly be dressed in snappy business casual. Read more

Last night I went to a dinner on geo-politics - and witnessed a strange and interesting conversation on the possibility of war between America and China. I was invited to start the discussion, by describing some of the themes of my book, Zero-Sum Future, which comes out in the US next week. (It’s been out a couple of months in the UK, already.) There were senior members of the American and Chinese foreign-policy establishments on hand to comment. Read more