Daily Archives: February 7, 2011

By tradition, the television network that shows the Superbowl gets to interview the president on Superbowl Sunday. And so it came to pass yesterday that Barack Obama had to sit down with his sworn enemies from Fox News and submit to an interview with the repellently-smug Bill O’Reilly. Read more

Events in Egypt are so dramatic that it is tempting to regard each day as a potentially decisive turning point. But revolutions can unfold over months and even years. As the situation in Cairo calms down a little, it is worth remembering that an apparent stabilisation in events can be just a lull, before the drama resumes.

Does the crisis in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East represent a moment of real change? how will it shape US, European and Israeli foreign policy towards the region as worries grow over instability and oil security? In the chair, FT analysis editor Frederick Studemann debates the issues with FT colleagues Roula Khalaf, Middle East editor, Tobias Buck, Jerusalem correspondent and Gideon Rachman, the FT’s chief foreign affairs commentator. Read more