Daily Archives: March 12, 2011

We are borrowing Gideon’s blog to cover Japan’s earthquake. We are tapping our correspondents around the world.  Please keep your comments coming, and please send us any images you have to japan.quake.ft@gmail.com if you are in Japan.

All times are London time, Japan is 9 hours ahead.

0148 - We are wrapping up live blogging from New York but the Hong Kong team will be picking up the baton shortly with the latest developments.

0135 - The Japanese government is working to avert a nuclear crisis and Kyodo is reporting that a sixth nuclear reactor has lost its cooling capacity. Fifteen people have been hospitalised because of radiation exposure, the Japanese news agency said.

0129 – Tepco has a new update, explaining that they have started discharging air that contained radioactive materials from nuclear reactor 3 to reduce pressure in its containment vessel. Read more

Mure Dickie reports from Tokyo on the devastating earthquake. In the studio, James Blitz examines the options for intervention in Libya, and Richard Milne looks at eurozone debt – are defaults on the cards? We also hear from Jamil Anderlini in Beijing on the Dalai Lama retiring from politics. Read more