Daily Archives: June 23, 2011

Close observers of this blog may notice a few changes from tomorrow. For a start, the blog’s name is going to change. It will be called “The World” (or something a bit like that). This will reflect the fact that I will no longer be the sole contributor to the blog. Five of my FT colleagues will also become regular bloggers: Alan Beattie in Washington, Roula Khalaf (our Middle East editor), William Wallis (our Africa editor), John-Paul Rathbone (our Latin America editor) and a fifth mystery signing, whose arm is still being twisted by the World Desk. The foreign-affairs team also plan to post occasional “issue briefings” on the blog. I will continue to blog as frequently (or infrequently) as before – ie about three or four times a week. The others have promised that they will be good for at least one contribution a week. But the precise division of labour will doubtless evolve. Read more

President Obama’s announcement of an accelerated US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is strategically brilliant. It has divided the enemy and significantly increased the chances of victory. Unfortunately, the enemy in this case are the Republicans and it is victory in the US presidential election, rather than Afghanistan, that the president has in mind. Read more