Daily Archives: June 24, 2011

What do Syrians make of Bashar al-Assad’s vague pledges of reform this week?
A passionate embrace, according to Syrian TV, which does a brilliant job of fabricating its own reality, particularly on Fridays, when pro-democracy activists stage their biggest demonstrations. Some of the guests this morning in fact were hailing the “reform revolution” that was on the way.

The protest movement’s answer, on the other hand, is, forget it. The theme of the Friday protests is “the fall of legitimacy,” which according to the Facebook page of the Syrian revolution 2011 means: “Bashar al-Assad is no longer my president and the government does not represent me.” Read more

Audio Obama’s troops, eurozone collapse, India’s economy

In this week’s podcast: President Obama accelerates the timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan; as the Greek crisis unfolds, we ask whether the eurozone could actually collapse; and, India battles to keep inflation under control. Read more