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Ouch. The International Monetary Fund can’t be happy (and, rumours have it, are seriously unhappy) with the suggestion and then rapid retraction from the head of its Europe department that it could intervene to buy sovereign bonds – presumably Italian and Spanish – to help the eurozone debt crisis. It would have had to do this via eurozone governments in any case as the IMF can’t intervene directly in markets, which would have been an odd way of going about things.

But a couple of other things Mr Borges said, or were reported as saying, were more interesting: Read more


Welcome to our continuing coverage of the eurozone crisis. All times are London time.

Curated by Esther Bintliff and John Aglionby on the world news desk in London, with contributions from FT correspondents around the world.

19.20: We’re wrapping up the live blog now but we’ll be back tomorrow for more fun and games – including, notably, the European Central Bank’s rate announcement and the swansong press conference of Jean-Claude Trichet. In the meantime, do follow us on twitter – we’re @ftworldnews – and of course at ft.com

19.15: How does one go about recapitalising a continent’s banks? Patrick Jenkins, the FT’s banking editor, and Gerrit Weismann, correspondent in Berlin, have put their heads together and come up with a very nice Q&A, which tells you how big the hole is, how recapitalisation might happen and what type of capital will be raised:

Consensus is now building in the markets that a European form of the Troubled Assets Relief Programme, or Tarp, that underpinned mandatory US bank recapitalisations in the wake of the 2008 crisis, is the best way to restore confidence…

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