Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

The euro has fallen to a 16-month low below $1.27 – run, run for your lives! Or recognise that it’s still around the trade-weighted average for the past decade and only slightly weaker in real terms than when it launched, that a weaker currency is just what a stricken economy needs and that there isn’t much sign that the fall is disorderly and hence generally hitting confidence in eurozone assets. (The eurozone authorities are doing that.) Read more

At least five Iranian scientists believed to have links to the country’s nuclear programme have been attacked in the past two years, four of them fatally.

Iran maintains that its nuclear programme is for civilian purposes; western powers say Tehran is seeking to develop atomic weapons. Read more

My friends in the press will do their utmost to keep a sense of excitement going, as the US presidential election heads to South Carolina and Florida. But the fact is that yesterday’s primary result in New Hampshire is clearly very good news for Mitt Romney. He is cruising towards the Republican nomination. But while this week has demonstrated Romney’s strength in the Republican race, it has also revealed a lot about his potential vulnerabilities in a face-off with President Obama. Read more

Mercifully for the pollsters, New Hampshire ducked an opportunity to belie expectations on Tuesday night when it handed Mitt Romney a strong victory. Mr Romney’s big win, which he followed with what sounded like a dress rehearsal for a nomination speech, means that he has now won two out of two – even if his first victory in Iowa last week was by a nanometre. If he can pull off a hat trick in South Carolina at the end of next week, it will be hard to see what could stop him.

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