Daily Archives: February 23, 2012

Outside reaction to the crises in Syria and Iran

Gideon Rachman is joined by FT diplomatic editor James Blitz, commodities editor Javier Blas and US diplomatic correspondent Geoff Dyer to discuss the outside world’s reaction to the crises in Syria and Iran.

Rick Santorum continues to nip at Mitt Romney’s heels in the race for the Republican’s US presidential candidacy. Stepping back from the fray in Washington’s Rock Creek Park, Edward Luce, US columnist, assesses Mr Santorum’s chances in next week’s primaries.

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A pro-Putin rally. Photo AP

One round or two? For all the protests against Vladimir Putin, that has long been the only real question surrounding Russia’s presidential election, now just 10 days away. Will he get more than 50 per cent of the vote in the first round on March 4, with or without a little “massaging”, or will he be forced into a run-off with another candidate three weeks later? Read more