Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

This week Ed Luce explores how primary victories in Arizona and Michigan, while having returned Mitt Romney to the front of the GOP pack, may ultimately have cost the party the election in November.

The pro-democracy protests since December’s disputed parliamentary elections are hopeful for Russia’s long-term future. Here, at last, is an economic middle class finally demanding a proper say in their country’s governance, legal protections for their families and property, and an end to pernicious corruption. Sociologists have forecast this for years – sometimes more in hope than conviction.

But in the shorter term, the shifts under way in Russia that the demonstrations highlight do not bode well for economic policy and stability. Vladimir Putin’s return as president after Sunday’s election will usher in Russia’s most uncertain period since before his first presidency in 2000. Read more

What next for Vladimir Putin?

FT editors and correspondents discuss what the future holds for Vladimir Putin and Russia. They also look at how the man has evolved and the legacy he will leave behind. Read more