Daily Archives: March 23, 2012

Surprise choice for US nominee – and thus, let’s face it, immediate frontrunner - to be president of the World Bank. Jim Kim is a technocrat rather than a politico, so the White House has refreshingly eschewed partisan patronage if not nationality, and has deep (if somewhat narrow, being restricted to public health) development experience. Together with the traditional US lock on the position, those are very likely enough to carry him over the finishing line to the presidency. Read more

One of the more charming anecdotes that I’ve heard in connection with the Pope’s visit to Cuba next week is that of the crocodile who preceded the pontiff on the journey from Rome to Havana.

 The hapless caiman was apparently exported illegally to Italy, and was  returned as part of the Pope’s official reason for the visit, which has been dubbed as one of “reconciliation among Cubans”. Read more