Daily Archives: May 6, 2012

Francois Hollande’s victory speech tonight was pretty well-judged. I thought it was shrewd to hit the reconciliation button early – and to persist with his tribute to Sarkozy, even against the background of catcalls. His voice was pleasantly hoarse, after the campaign. He didn’t bang on for too long – and his promise to dedicate himself to “justice et jeunesse” (justice and the young) was alliterative and inoffensive.

Clearly, he is keen to play up his down-to-earth qualities after the bling accusations flung at Sarko. I noticed Hollande travelled through the streets of Tulle in a regular grey Renault – it didn’t even look like a Renault Espace. I guess the French will like this normal bloke business for a while, and then may get fed up with it. The French president is meant to be a big monarchical, isn’t he? Read more