Daily Archives: June 15, 2012

Daniel Garrahan reports from Athens on whether Sunday’s poll will produce a leader that can keep the country in the euro.

Why has Russia blocked tougher sanctions against Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad at the United Nations, laying itself open to accusations that it is propping up a dictator and thwarting efforts to stop the violence in Syria?

Communication is often not Moscow’s strong point. But Alexei Pushkov, the smooth chairman of the Russian Duma’s foreign affairs committee, gave a lengthy and combative answer to that question at a London briefing this week. Read more

Lucas Papademos – should we have said 'au revoir', not 'goodbye', when he left office? Photo Reuters

Perhaps the blazing sun is affecting my mental faculties, but here in Athens I am forming the impression that people in other European capitals are misreading the political tide ahead of Sunday’s parliamentary election in Greece.

There has been much loose talk, for instance, to the effect that the Greek armed forces, which seized power in a 1967 coup and ruled for seven years, might once again step in because of the failure of the nation’s traditional political classes and the apparent radicalisation of the electorate.

Here is what one minister in Greece’s interim government, formed after the inconclusive May 6 election, told me: “There is zero possibility of a military coup. The lesson was learnt from the military dictatorship.” Read more