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Perhaps the only item of proper concrete news on Tuesday from the G20 in Mexico was that Canada (along with Mexico, announced yesterday) will be invited to join the nine-member Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, writes Alan Beattie. Read more

Twenty years on from the 1992 Rio earth summit, more than 100 leaders have convened for the Rio+20 sustainable development conference. The 1992 summit launched a number of landmark treaties, but what has actually been achieved since then?


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The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi has claimed victory in Egypt’s first presidential election since Hosni Mubarak’s downfall last year, but this comes in the wake of some aggressive moves from the military to retain political control.

The official results will be announced on Thursday. In the meantime, get the background on the two organisations fighting for political control in Egypt. Read more

Who’s eating what at the G20 summit in Los Cabos? JP Rathbone reports Read more

While it must be tempting for Cameron to score cheap points off the French government and to lecture the Germans, it is also distinctly ill-advised, argues Gideon Rachman Read more

Pilita Clark, the FT’s environment correspondent, gives us the lowdown on the biggest conference the UN has ever organised. Read more

By Gideon Rachman

The night before the Greek elections, Athens exploded in joy. The Greek national team had won an unexpected victory at the European football championships. In the next round, with delicious symbolism, Greece will play Germany.