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The US Supreme Court is expected to rule this Thursday on whether or not the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – rechristened “Obamacare” by its detractors – is constitutional.

Find out more about Obamacare, the justices making the decision and the nitty-gritty elements of this ruling with these articles: Read more

Thoughtful speech today by Pascal Lamy, who has signalled he will step down as director-general of the World Trade Organisation when his term finishes in August 2013, and thus, we journalists fervently hope, will be speaking more and more bluntly as the end approaches.

Lamy compares the general shambolic state of multilateralism (last week’s utterly futile Rio+20 climate change summit perhaps setting a new low) with the difficulties with governing the eurozone: Read more

These were the pieces that got our tongues wagging today:


By Gideon Rachman

It is funny what people choose to worry about. The west is obsessed with stopping Iran getting nuclear weapons. By contrast, Pakistan’s nuclear programme is not much discussed. And yet, by any sensible measure, Pakistani nukes are much more worrying.