We wrote a book!

Well, when I say ‘We’, I mean the Financial Times, and to be more specific, a group of Europe specialists who work at the Financial Times. Yes. The FT has published its very first ebook [drum roll here], which means that even when you are lying on a beach in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a Kindle, Nook, iPad or other branded e-reader in your sandy hands, you can still tickle your braincells with FT content and feel yourself grow more knowledgeable about a multitude of things.

The ebook updates and expands on our recent series, ‘If Greece goes…’ (it also shares the same title) and explores the implications for business, banks, markets, governments and the broader European project. Writers include: Quentin Peel, Tony Barber, Martin Wolf, Wolfgang Munchau, Gillian Tett, Peter Spiegel and Pavlos Eleftheriadis. Fancy a read? You can download it for £2.49 ((€2.99, $3.99) from Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Google, Kobo and ebooks.com.