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An extra note on outsourcing following my spittle-flecked rant carefully argued polemic in the paper today. As Paul Krugman accurately enough points out, Mr Romney himself falls for the silliness of extrapolating from a company to an economy (as, I would contend, does Mr Obama).

There are some ways where I guess having run a company does give you some insight into national economic policy – the impact of business regulations, for example. But since Mr Romney’s main complaint seems to be about the onerous burden of the Obama healthcare plan and since he was in favour of the individual mandate before he was against it, he’s going to have difficulty with that one. Read more

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"Rocket eggs" (Getty)

China’s growth has fallen to 7.6 per cent, its slowest since 2009. This mild drop in growth has prompted some questions over the accuracy of China’s official data, especially in light of other weak data that has been released recently.

The slowdown has already manifested itself in different ways around the world. Read about it in the pieces below. Read more

“Who is Henry?” has become something of a political parlour game in Latin America. I’m referring, of course, to Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico’s putative president-elect, and Henrique Capriles, the challenger in Venezuela’s presidential election in October. Both Henrys are held up as potential reformers. But how true – or more important, how likely – is that really? Both face serious obstacles. Read more

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