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What will swing the US election?
The US presidential race is as tight as ever. President Obama appears to have ended his slide in the opinion polls following a much stronger performance in the second debate with Mitt Romney, but with less than three weeks until the election, what is likely to determine who wins the White House? Richard Macgregor in Manchester, New Hampshire, and Gary Silverman in New York join Ben Fenton to discuss.

I thought we’d dealt with this “naming China a currency manipulator will enable Mitt Romney to put tariffs on Chinese imports and send gunboats up the Yangtze and go round to Xi Jinping’s house and eat food out of his fridge” gibberish, but Tuesday’s presidential debate has kicked off another round of fretting about it.

So read it for yourselves: right here is the relevant part of the Omnibus Trade And Competitiveness Act 1988. Penalties for being a currency manipulator? Read more

President François Hollande at the Elysee palace on October 15 (BERTRAND LANGLOIS/AFP/GettyImages)

François Hollande’s interview with a group of European newspapers this week makes for interesting reading – particularly if you are in Berlin, as I am. It really serves to emphasise how large the gap between the French and the Germans currently is.

I tried out Hollande’s statement that – “We are near, very near to an end to the eurozone crisis” on a variety of German officials yesterday. This was met with a mixture of wry smiles and incredulity. The most positive reaction I got was from one official who said – “Well, it’s nice there are still some optimists in Europe.” Read more

The EU summit that begins on Thursday has enjoyed less fanfare – and less frenzied speculation over its potential outcomes – than many others. But don’t be fooled: it still matters. Here’s why.  Read more

Welcome to a review of media stories about the US presidential election with just 18 days to go until the next occupant of the White House will be decided. The day after the second presidential debate found the candidates addressing the distaff side of the US electorate.


Polls show that President Barack Obama and his Republican opponent Mitt Romney are locked in a struggle for women’s votes, but the president obviously felt he picked up an advantage in the debate. At a rally in Iowa, the Financial Times reports, he pointed to a perceived flaw, the vagueness of Mr Romney’s economic plans, as well as milking one of his rival’s few uncomfortable moments in Tuesday’s clash.

“Everyone here has heard of the new deal, the fair deal, the square deal? Mitt Romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal,” Mr Obama said to wild applause from his supporters.

With his sleeves rolled up and his tie loose, the president mocked his rival for an awkwardly phrased line in the debate. Answering a question about equal pay for women, Mr Romney touted his record as governor of Massachusetts by saying he had received “whole binders full of women” to help him recruit qualified females. The line quickly went viral on the internet.

Mr Obama said: “We don’t have to collect a bunch of binders to find qualified talented women.”

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