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Clint Eastwood is back on the campaign trail, drumming up support for Mitt Romney and belittling President Barack Obama – but this time from within the safe confines of scripted, pre-recorded remarks.

The Hollywood icon caused widespread consternation – within the Romney campaign, as well as in the country – with his rambling diatribe against Mr Obama during the Republican national convention.

Then, he spent the better part of 15 minutes having a bizarre conversation laced with suggested profanities with an empty stool, on which the president was supposed to have been sitting. This ate up scarce minutes of prime-time broadcast, and raised questions about how the detail-focused Romney campaign could have let Mr Eastwood out on the stage without vetting his remarks.

But now, the veteran actor is back playing a new part, this time starring in a new ad from American Crossroads, the outside group run by Karl Rove, the former Bush adviser, which supports Mr Romney’s candidacy for president.

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Che-mania may be facing the fate of so many brands that have reached consumer saturation: exhaustion, writes JP Rathbone. Read more

President Barack Obama at a rally in the swing state of Ohio. (AFP/Getty)

Welcome to the US election news round-up on the day that the candidates switched from sparring over military planning to blitzing the battlegrounds of the ‘burbs.

The debates are done. A fortnight from now, we’ll know whether Mitt Romney has evicted Barack Obama from the White House. Unless, of course, it’s 2000 all over again and the nail-chewing lasts for 36 days.

So narrow are the margins in some states that 10 are “toss ups”, according to the rolling average of polls by RealClearPolitics.com. All 10 voted for Obama in 2008, including four – Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada – that he won with double-digit margins. Read more