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I am pleased that my column on Britain and Europe today has attracted lots of hits and comments. But, inevitably, when you try to deal with such a complex subject in 900 words (give or take), there is a lot you have to leave out. And there was one vital part of the subject that I didn’t deal with – and that is the impact of immigration on the British debate on Europe. Read more

♦ Tim Cook faces a grilling by the US Senate committee after a report on Apple’s international tax structure accused the company of using Irish subsidiaries that are not tax residents of any country to avoid paying billions of dollars in tax. Although Ireland’s low tax rate has created a vibrant International Financial Services Centre, there are questions over the benefits of it – especially at a time of sluggish growth and stagnant tax revenues.
♦ Britain’s plans to renegotiate its ties with the EU could hit efforts to tackle crime and terrorism, particularly in Ireland.
♦ In Parma, the first major Italian city run by the Five Star Movement, the reviews so far are decidedly mixed.
♦ Hong Kong is being taken over by art, but is it ready for it?
♦ If any of you have been bemused by football in the UK before now, the NYT has pulled together a handy guide.

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By Gideon Rachman
Twenty years ago, I was an anti-European. Today, I am a pro-European. The strange thing is that my views have not changed. I have always thought that Britain should stay out of the euro but inside the EU. During the John Major and Tony Blair years, when the euro was the dominant issue, that position made me a eurosceptic. But now the argument has become about whether Britain should leave the EU altogether. The front-line in Britain’s civil war over Europe has moved and, because I have stayed in the same place, I find myself on a different side of the battle-lines.