Daily Archives: September 2, 2013

By Catherine Contiguglia

  • “We must assume the White House is able to count votes better than David Cameron,” writes the FT’s Edward Luce, but opening up the decision about intervention in Syria to Congressional vote is a big gamble for Obama. The gamble has made the United States look weak in the Middle East, The FT’s Roula Khalaf adds in this Global Insight column, and has allowed for time for any opposition to military action to gain momentum. “Intervening at this late stage means the options range from bad to appalling,” David Gardner writes, as the development of the Syrian war into a regional conflict would make limited intervention “pin pricks” that could just add chaos to reinforce the rule of the Assads.

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Peer Steinbrück, the Social Democratic Party challenger hoping to unseat Angela Merkel, German chancellor, had everything to fight for. A live 90-minute TV debate broadcast on four of the biggest TV stations to an audience estimated at 15m just three weeks before election day. The “duel” has been the most keenly anticipated election event in the campaign to date.

So did the man who served as Ms Merkel’s finance minister in a previous coalition government from 2005-2009 land any real punches? Read more