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Protesters in Kiev's Independence Square, Dec 2013 (Getty)

November 22 2004 In Ukraine’s second round election, the Central Electoral Commission declares pro-Russian incumbent Viktor Yanukovich the winner. Viktor Yushchenko, the leader of the opposition decries widespread voter fraud and electoral irregularities.

November 23 2004 An estimated 500,000 protestors assemble in Kiev’s Independence Square. The Orange Revolution is born. Ukraine’s Supreme Court suspends publication of the election results pending an investigation.

December 8 2004 Following the Supreme Court’s annulment of the elections, a December re-run of the disputed presidential election is announced. Protesters scale down their demonstration and government employees return to work. Read more

♦ The FT’s Jeevan Vasagar looks at how farmers are reaping the rewards from Germany’s renewable energy boom. The Government appears to be on a collision course with farmers and renewable energy provides as it seeks to rein in generous subsidies.
♦ Sarah Lyall in the New York Times explores how the fates of Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks are diverging. Brooks walked away from News International with a $17.6m severance package. Coulson has moved out of London and according to one source, “He has lost everything, basically.”
♦ Also in the New York Times, Ben Hubbard looks at the pioneering Saudi women who are entering the workplace in the conservative Middle Eastern state – a significant shift in a country where women are severely restricted in all public activities.
♦ Finally, African Arguments has an interview with John Githongo, the man who revealed corruption in Kenya’s Kibaki administration in the early 2000s. He describes the current “democratic recession” in Kenya and a wave of new repressive legislation being passed. Read more

By Gideon Rachman

No event has done more to spook the Kremlin, over the last decade, than the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004. Now Vladimir Putin’s worst moment looks like turning into a recurring nightmare as demonstrators once again fill Kiev’s Independence Square, demanding that their country move closer to the EU and further away from Russia.