Daily Archives: December 5, 2013

China and Japan in the struggle of the century
Aerial posturing over disputed territories in the East China Sea has caused concern among the international community. After China declared an air identification zone over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, the US despatched two B-52 bombers in an apparent show of defiance, but has instructed its civilian airlines to respect the zone. In this week’s podcast, Gideon Rachman is joined by Jamil Anderlini, Beijing bureau chief, and Geoff Dyer, US foreign policy correspondent to shed light on the situation

Michael Peel meets the leader of Thailand’s popular rising, Suthep Thaugsuban, who outlines his plan to shut down the government by having his supporters surround official buildings.

Egypt has shut off transit tunnels into Gaza, cutting the Palestinian territory off from vital cheap fuel supplies. In recent days officials and analysts in Gaza and international bodies, including the UN, have warned of a worsening humanitarian crisis in the territory. Read more