Daily Archives: February 25, 2014

♦ On the trail of Ukraine’s missing Viktor Yanukovich . Rumours swirled that Ukraine’s deposed president was hiding out in Crimea, a pro-Moscow stronghold with easy water access to Russia via the Black Sea.

♦ Gideon Rachman says Ukraine’s fate must be decided by its people.

♦ Hawks on Capitol Hill are pushing for a tougher line on Ukraine from Barack Obama, a president they regard as a passive player at a grand historical moment.

♦ Janan Ganesh says UK prime minister David Cameron has overestimated Angela Merkel’s capacity to deliver change, even if she wanted it.

♦ An alliance of leftwing and regional parties aims to present an alternative to India’s two main parties in May’s general election. Read more

By Gideon Rachman
Amid the tragedy, euphoria and confusion in Ukraine, the risks of renewed confrontation between Russia and the west are rising. An east-west struggle over the fate of Ukraine would be a tragedy for the country – increasing the risks of civil war and partition. But while a brutal arm-wrestling match between the Kremlin and the west – with Ukraine as the prize – is a distinct possibility, it is absolutely not in the interests of Russia or the west. On the contrary, the Russians, Europeans and Americans have a common interest in preserving Ukraine as a unified country that avoids civil war and bankruptcy.