Daily Archives: March 11, 2014

Today Lithuania celebrates the 24th anniversary of its declaration of independence on March 11 1990 – the first former Soviet republic to take such a step – after decades of Soviet rule. Yet this declared independence did not become reality until September 1991. First a violent Soviet crackdown killed 14 people in January 1991 and a propaganda war hit the airwaves with distinct echoes of Moscow’s current efforts to justify its seizure of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.


  • If Russia gets away with its incursion into Ukraine, other governments may decide defying America is getting less risky, writes Gideon Rachman.
  • Play at being president-for-a-day to get under the skin of South America’s leaders as regional problems expose a lack of unity.
  • London has impressed itself upon the world as an imperial metropole, a financial hub, a destination for migrants – and now as a subject of moral panic.
  • The father of the boy responsible for the Sandy Hook killings in the US searches for answers.
  • Development experts stand accused of empowering dictators and trapping millions in poverty.


A few weeks ago, even Europeans were paying little attention to events in Ukraine. Now the whole world is watching. This is because the Russian incursion into Ukraine is widely seen as a direct challenge to the US-led world order. If President Vladimir Putin gets away with it then other governments, such as China and Iran, may decide defying America is getting less risky.