Daily Archives: April 11, 2014

India goes to the polls

India, the world’s largest democracy, is in the midst of conducting its general election. Voting has started and is set to go on for several weeks, with the result declared in mid-May. That result could be dramatic, with polls and pundits predicting the end of a long period of rule by the Congress party, and that a new government could be headed by Narendra Modi, the controversial leader of the BJP. To discuss what we can expect from these elections, Gideon Rachman is joined by Victor Mallet, Delhi bureau chief, and James Crabtree, Mumbai correspondent

The first time I met Bob Carr, who was then Australian foreign minister, he struck me as a polite and humble man. That just shows how wrong you can be. For Mr Carr, who lost office when the Labor Party lost power in Australia, has just published a book called Diary of a Foreign Minister, which reveals – with remarkable frankness – his raging egotism. Among other things, the former minister congratulates himself on his membership of the “elite of the flat-stomached” (fellow members, Barack Obama and Prince Charles), his brilliance as a chairman and his taste in ties. He also complains vociferously about the iniquities of business-class travel on an airline. (Apparently the layout of the seats is similar to a slave-ship). He also publishes, in full, an apology sent to him by Singapore Airlines, for sins that include not providing English subtitles on the Wagner opera that the minister had been watching in first-class. Read more

Blimey, those lazy French slackers are at it again.

Not content with a statutory 35-hour week, now people are banned from checking work emails after 6pm. No wonder France’s economy is going down the pan. That, more or less, was the story that went viral this week after a flurry of reports on English-language media (The Guardian, the Daily Mail, the tech blog Engadget among others) that a new “legally binding labour agreement” in France prohibited employees from answering emails from work outside office hours. Read more