Containers sit stacked on a cargo ship berthed at Qingdao Port in Lianyungang, China

According to the latest estimates from the International Comparison Program, hosted by the World Bank, China is poised to overtake the US as the world’s largest economy later this year, toppling it from a perch it has held since 1872.

That is several years ahead of all previous estimates and reflects just how much more important the Chinese economy is now to the rest of the world. Read more

Anti-Japan protesters outside the Japanese embassy in Beijing. Photo AP

In the midst of the anti-Japanese sound and fury that has erupted
across China in the last week there is also a quiet but clearly discernible undertone not heard in previous similar outbursts – call it the ballad of the Chinese middle class.

For decades, anti-foreign protests have been the only ones the Communist Party has condoned, periodically whipping them up through provocative state media coverage and even providing logistical support. Read more