Another day, another embattled prime minister. As kick-off time approached the crowd for David Cameron was smaller than Sarkozy’s, but Our Man didn’t empty the room with his As to Qs, as Sarkozy had done. He fielded the questions himself, they weren’t planted (or didn’t seem to be), so in the second half England edged ahead. As was evident last year, with the Davos audience Cameron has a certain je ne sais quoi. Read more

Medvedev was the star turn on Wednesday, though he shared the limelight with his iPad. Today it is Sarkozy, who dressed down subtly in a pair of grey slacks and a blue jacket. After 24 hours we are still in search of the New Reality – the Conference mission this year – but when we find it, it will certainly be dressed in snappy business casual. Read more

Outside the Conference centre Davos looks as pretty as a picture. Inside, it’s a different matter.

One rhetorical trope which never fails to irritate is the trite observation that “now is not the time for complacency”. Nods all round the room. I have often thought it would be provocative, for once, to hear a speaker say that today, indeed, is the perfect moment to be complacent, to relax one’s guard, and to engage in a comforting bout of self-congratulation. Read more

This year’s Davos started with the wrong sort of bang, as the Domodedovo bomb kept President Medvedev at home and deprived the conference of its first star turn. With the continuing uncertainty about who will stand for the presidency in Moscow next year, there was unusual interest in how he performed. We shall see if he is able to reschedule later in the week. That would create a logistical challenge for Klaus Schwab and his team. Read more