Closed Super Tuesday 2: results and reaction

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On Super Tuesday 2, the five primary races — in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina — helped to draw the contours of the nomination for the White House. Donald Trump knocked Marco Rubio out of the Republican race by winning Florida and three more states, reinforcing his status as the party frontrunner, but lost to John Kasich in Ohio, complicating his path to Washington. Hillary Clinton secured overwhelming victories in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, and a far narrower win in Illinois, putting her much closer to securing the Democratic nomination.Track the results and reaction as it happened:

Donald Trump begins the day in typically confident style

Lindsay Whipp reports from Kasich headquarters in Ohio:

Kasich supporters broke out into cheers at the Ohio governor’s party in Berea, Ohio as news of his success was broadcast across the room, despite only 19 per cent of the vote having been counted. Chants of “USA, USA USA” followed.

From PredictWise, run Microsoft Research economist, David Rothschild:

And in China this morning, the view on the latest US primary election results:

PredictWise, run Microsoft Research economist, David Rothschild, is forecasting an overwhelming victory for a Democratic presidential nominee in November:

Cliff hanger in Missouri, as the final state to post results suspends counting until the morning. Could there be a challenge?

@realDonaldTrump seems to have withdrawn an earlier tweet claiming victory In Missouri after the decision to suspend counting in that state. A snapshot of the tweet which subsequently disappeared from his stream:

A dramatic evening ends with votes too tight to call on both sides of politics in Missouri, the state which has Democratic governor but witnessed riots in the town of Ferguson which shocked the nation last year.

The final word goes, as usual, to Edward Luce: