Francesca Borri

♦ As the Chinese economy slows, some believe the government will stand firm in the face of the deceleration, potentially leading to much more pain as the cash-tight environment forces companies to cut spending and eats into fiscal revenues.
♦ In the wake of last week’s coup those living in Egypt’s provincial towns and cities are looking for ways to coexist, despite differences of opinion over the ousted president, Mohamed Morsi.
♦ Since Morsi’s ouster, there has been an end to the crippling energy shortages and the police have re-emerged. Is that an attempt to undermine the quality of life under the Islamist administration?
♦ Myanmar’s ban on virgin teak exports could put a strain on the luxury yacht industry.
♦ Francesca Borri, an Italian journalist, describes the travails of working in Syria as a freelancer and a woman: my editor… sent me an email that said: “Should you get a connection, could you tweet your detention?”

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