Frank Serpico

♦ Under Morsi, joblessness in Egypt passed 13 per cent, the budget deficit ballooned and inflation rose beyond eight per cent. The financial woes that were the backdrop to Morsi’s year as president will leave the new government in desperate need of cash.
♦ The Economist argues that Morsi’s ousting should be cause for regret, not celebration.
♦ Wendell Steavenson describes the atmosphere in Tahrir Square over the last few days: “The crowds on the street went wild, taking it as a sign that they had already won. But this was also very clearly a coup.”
♦ The Egyptian military had given Morsi seven days to work out his differences with the opposition. AP examines the week which saw army chief Abdul Fatah al-Sissi demanding that Morsi step down and Morsi replying, “Over my dead body!”
♦ Frank Serpico, the ex-police officer who discovered one of the New York police department’s most infamous corruption scandals, is now battling against a local developer and town officials over the fate of pristine woodland.
♦ NPR reports on the trial of James “Whitey” Bulger, the Irish Godfather of Boston’s crime world. Read more