Welcome to a summary of US election coverage of a day when President Barack Obama had the luxury of dominating television screens without having to pay an extra cent in advertising, while his opponent Mitt Romney was forced into an uncomfortable position in the wings of a great drama.


In the Financial Times, Alan Rappeport reports from Atlantic City that Mr Obama’s position as incumbent gave him the opportunity not only to be pictured coming to the aid of a storm-battered New Jersey, but also inspecting damage alongside the state’s governor, Chris Christie, who has been one of Mr Romney’s main surrogates in attacking the president. Read more

(Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty)

Is it just me, or has the mood changed? I did a panel discussion on the American election at the Battle of Ideas festival here in London this morning and was surprised that the general consensus seemed to be that Obama is heading for defeat. This did not reflect the ideological bias of the panel: we had liberals and conservatives up there. Nor does it reflect the consensus opinion, as represented by the markets. Intrade still gives Obama a 60% chance of victory. Read more

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