l’exception culturelle

By Catherine Contiguglia

♦ Civil activism in China is becoming a force the Chinese government can no longer ignore as activists increasingly unite to rally with broader demands, largely through the growing platform of social media.
♦ Following the initial applause for getting Israel and Palestine to the negotiating table for the first time in four years, US secretary of state John Kerry is facing deep scepticism about the two-day talks in Washington D.C.
♦ Borzou Daragahi argues that in the wake of Mohamed Morsi’s ouster in Egypt, Islamists should investigate their own role in contributing to the tensions in the years leading up to the coup.
Alexei Navalny is hitting the streets “western-style” to revamp his mayoral campaign in Moscow six weeks before the vote.
♦ France’s culture minister Aurélie Filippetti has survived a tough first year in office, representing her party by bringing “extravagant” French culture to the level of the people, while still fighting for France’s “cultural exception.”  Read more

Nicole Bricq (Getty)

Nicole Bricq, France’s trade minister, appeared to be relishing the role of holding out for the “l’exception culturelle” when she hosted a group of journalists in Paris on Thursday morning, a day before she was due to meet of her EU colleagues in Luxembourg to discuss terms for opening trade talks with the US.

“France’s position has not changed today and I don’t believe it will change tomorrow. We’ll say no. There will be a political blockage, a veto if you want to call it that,” she declared.

She added: “I cannot imagine that engagement in an accord of this importance can go ahead without the support of France. Without France a thing like this has no chance of success.” Read more