Brussels launches probe into rule of law in Poland
Poland’s conservative government has taken decisions about the courts and media that are causing concern across Europe, prompting the European Commission to launched an investigation into the rule of law in Poland. Gideon Rachman discusses the unprecedented move with Henry Foy, FT correspondent in Warsaw, and Neil Buckley, East Europe editor.

Media wars have regularly made great front page news down under, but Australia’s latest dust-up has been more personal than corporate.

James Packer, son of the late media magnate Kerry, and his old mate and best man David Gyngell on Sunday took their 35-year friendship to a physical level when – in true Aussie fashion – they slugged it out on a Bondi street outside the billionaire’s residence.

Local media have widely quoted tweets from Chris Walker, a Sydney resident who witnessed the brouhaha: Read more

One of the unusual aspects of the Bahrain uprising in February and March this year was the fact that it did not dominate the broadcasts of Qatar’s al Jazeera  (the Arabic language channel) and Saudi Arabia’s al-Arabiya.

In the name of Gulf solidarity – and given the dispatch of Saudi and other Gulf troops to bolster the ruling al-Khalifa family – highlighting a youth awakening among Bahrain’s Shia against the Sunni monarchy was out of the question. Read more