Rick Perry

By Anna Fifield in Washington

Even Herman Cain would not have claimed to be a foreign policy expert.

In fact, the former pizza chain boss turned Republican presidential
hopeful has seemed to revel in his lack of knowledge about the outside world, saying he didn’t need to know who led “small insignificant states” like “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan”. Read more


The best joke at the White House correspondents’ dinner last April came from Saturday Night Live’s Seth Myers: “I’m glad someone told me Donald Trump is running as a Republican,” he said. “Because I thought he was running as a joke.” Read more

Rick Perry

Rick Perry. Getty Images.

Just a few months ago, Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, was the coming man in American presidential politics. When he announced his candidacy for the presidency, he shot into the lead amongst Republican voters – briefly commanding more than 40 per cent support. He looked presidential material – a long record of electoral and economic success in Texas, a strong appeal to the Tea Party and to Christian voters. All that, and good hair too.

But, now, in some polls, Perry is back down at 6 per cent. Others have him at 10. All the polls show the governor trailing not just Mitt Romney, but also Herman Cain, whose sole qualification is that he used to run a pizza firm. Read more