The Bookseller reviews “The Logic of Life”

Neill Denny, editor in chief of The Bookseller, has what I think is the first review of my next book, The Logic of Life. Impressive – the book’s not out until early 2008. But I suppose The Bookseller has to be ahead of the curve. Anyway, I was pleased:

Harford is pretty clever, using a series of headline grabbing dilemmas to illustrate what would otherwise be quite dry economic theory to suck you in, before he then goes on to cover a whole range of meatier subjects such as the "rewards for failure" amongst chief execs and why lobby groups have such a grip on the democratic process. I haven’t quite read the whole book yet but it has been pretty eye-opening so far. Harford is very funny and very brutal when he applies economic theory to love and marriage…

My divorced colleagues disagree that I am funny on this subject, but agree about the brutality. The whole review is quite brief and is here.

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