When mum works, do kids get fat?

New research from the Centre for Market and Public Organisation at Bristol University:

Children whose mothers work full-time when they are aged between 5 and 7 are more likely to be overweight at age 16. But there is no evidence that part-time or full-time maternal employment at earlier or later stages of the child’s life lead to a higher probability of being overweight at age 16.
These are the central findings of new research by Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder, summarised in the Autumn 2007 issue of Research in Public Policy. Her study also finds that mid-childhood maternal employment does not have an immediate impact on children’s weight: rather, the effect emerges as they get older.

I’m quoting here from the press release, the paper should be published shortly at the link above. The press release caught my attention because this is not the first time this sort of result has been discovered.

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