Endnotes, Richard Florida, and the spiky world

A couple of years back, Richard Florida published this arresting article, "The World is Spiky" [pdf], in Atlantic Monthly. The Logic of Life also contains a chapter called "The World is Spiky". It’s not a coincidence: I stole Richard’s wonderful title without shame.
Why no shame? Because I had a nice footnote next to the title saying "I stole this title from Richard Florida", or words to that effect. No problem. Except that the style these days is to conceal footnotes. If you see something in the book and wonder where it came from, you have to flip to the back and check the source. No problem for the casual reader, not much of a problem for the serious researcher checking a fact or piece of data. But no good at all for acknowledging the pinching of a good title. The acknowledgement is there, but I doubt many people will find it. Sorry.
Now I’ve confessed in public, I feel better. Just in time, too: I’m going to meet Richard on Friday and I’m looking forward to it. His blog is one of the few I follow regularly and his forthcoming book, "Who’s Your City?", is sensationally good. But if I steal anything from it, I’ll be sure to acknowledge that a bit better…

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